Global Research Music


A record label wasn’t the actual idea; it was more or less by chance. I regularly visited a record shop in Rome and each week I would write down everything that struck me and intrigued me in a notepad. Everything I had learned and everything I would have liked to have learned with an overflowing passion and outright dedication.

At the base of every musical career you can “only” find lots of passion. I live my life surrounded by records, magazines, studies, research and concerts. I dedicate my entire life to music, pushed by courage and a visionary spirit. I am looking constantly to tomorrow and that which seems apparently an insane undertaking has the taste of a cultural and human experience more so than an entrepreneurial one.

I could never have done it alone, there are people that have taught me a lot and given me excellent advice. To be something more than a mere record producer… A friend, a confidant and a life companion that brings joy to my eyes when talking about music. I search in every way possible something to blow away the public and myself with as sense of enterprise and courage.

To be surprised, you have to go beyond your own abilities, seek out new paths, rise to challenges, put yourself on the line every single day without arrogance, avoiding the mistake of feeling as though you have arrived.


The most influential record labels through history are an essential reference point. To discover “magic secrets”, exploring all possibilities with perseverance and precision. To seek to award artistic quality and its conceptual idea, taking care of technical choices.

To produce music of quality without making compromises in style and commerciality. Continuity, determination and teamwork with club owners, writers, presenters and publicists; and the birth of the label’s flagship festival.


To follow the musicians and give them support in each production phase; an actual creative workshop. There are many new talents, but it’s very important that they find their own language as time goes on. There are youngsters, those that have a solid base to allow them to create music that is not only personal and pulsating, but also with the ability to surprise.

Saving (musical) memories is a duty.

To be Free

To find personality from a marked artistic sensitivity. Someone who is independent: Being independent means needing to deal with artists – not just musicians – who have personality, because he who has personality has something to say, and he who has something to say will have no trouble in finding an audience willing to listen.


The world of sound arrived well before the world of music.
The philosophy of sound must be in line with the artistic idea.

It’s not the Khz that are essential, but the way in which the work is done by producers and sound engineers together with the musicians. How well the piano is tuned, where the microphones are positioned and how the sound’s overall image is balanced.

A true good sound begins in front of a microphone and naturally it isn’t just the result of technical instruments and technology as an end in itself. It is an artistic process captured by people with the ability and the sensitivity to understand the act of making music.

To avoid the sense of artificiality through a delicate balance between the music and the sound of the recording studio. To capture the explosiveness of the rhythmic section and the rest of the group whilst conserving its musicality, irrespective of the microphones and their positioning. The contribution to the history of music resides in the emotions that recordings manage to transmit.

To search for a sound through which to drive ideas. Sound engineers that are on hand to succeed in bringing out and concreting musicians’ ideas so that every album is a marvelous auditory surprise.

Melting Pot

GRM is the result of a melting pot of many musical genres fused together. I think it is very important that music continues to this day to be an open form of art. In truth, the aficionado is diverse:
It could be a youngster who has only recently discovered the world of music and wants to examine it in depth, or even someone much more mature that has  always loved music and obviously values quality.

No Fear

I will ignore illegal mp3 downloading. There is no way to stop the advance of technology. We need to concentrate on making something for those that love a physical object in vinyl – something that is always well received by enthusiasts.